we gave her gripe water last night, and our little baby girl seems to have reappeared. She still screams, but it’s not as bad, and the water seems to make it go quickly. Here’s hoping this is the way forward from now onwards…

She’s also constantly hungry – I’m suspecting another growth spurt. We’ll see. She’s now growing out of some of her clothes – she got a lovely top from Australia, which she’s worn two or three times, and now it’s just right, almost too small. She’s a tall baby, you see. So I googled Tall Baby Clothes, and yep, they exist. People think of everything.

Tomorrow we’ve the fun of giving her the last Vitamin K drops, but then given how she’s taken to Infacol (loves it), Gripe Water (gulped it down), and previous vitamin K (yum), I don’t think we’ll have too many problems.

God, I almost feel human today.

There’s more photos to be added, and I’ve finally got my act together, and the thankyou cards are starting to happen.