Given my back pain (as aided with Dimazepan, Co-Codamol and Ibuprofen) has pretty much stopped me from doing anything at all, Shaun has taken over all childcare duties. I can’t sit down for very long (ten minutes absolute tops) but can slowly walk shuffle around and get to where I need to (I even managed downstairs yesterday – today’s task is to get in the shower. I stink). So we brought forward something we’d been meaning to for a while now… we took the sides off H’s cot bed and converted it into the bed it’s meant to be.

I say “we” I actually mean Shaun did – he had to keep going with my phone and taking pictures so I could see…

Anyway, it was a real gamble – I’d spoken to H about being in the big girl bed (as she has them at nursery so we hoped the transition would be easier than having not had one) – and last night when she got home from nursery and announced “I’ve had a LOVELY day today” I asked her to go into her bedroom, Shaun followed her, and next thing she’s insisting she gets into her amazing new bed! It was hard to get her out for bathtime, but it worked… and she was so desperate to get back into this lovely new bed (that she’s been sleeping in for the last two years almost) that once in, she fell asleep immediately.


Add to that no wakeups in the night, just Shaun a bit worried in case she fell out of bed (all bedguard recommendations – please let me know, just in case!) and by 7.30 this morning all three of us were back in bed together with H feeling really proud of her “big girl cot”…

Let’s hope this continues. I’m sure it’s not meant to be that easy….