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I’m not doing a very good job of it. Today it hurts again – not badly, in a kind of I know I need to rest kind of way – it sucks having a back that hurts almost all the time.

H’s bed finally arrived today. They took it upstairs and all I did was unpacked it – nothing too strenuous – but somehow in the middle of the afternoon the dull ache started again. Hopefully it’ll pass with plenty of rest but I’m still SO wary of it getting worse. Stupid back.

(I have to also add, I was convinced it wasn’t going to be delivered today – then the call arrived at 9.30, letting me know the bed was due between 10.30 – 12.30 – and by the time 12.05 came along I’d started to convince myself the call was in fact one of my friends winding me up and wasn’t really Dreams, so fair do’s, it’s here and it’s comfy and H has space to sleep in again)

Anyway, the big girl bed is made, her room looks so much smaller, it needs some serious reorganising this weekend and hopefully that’s how things will stay (though I’m predicting now that we’ll end up moving the computer into her room and she’ll get the front bedroom – give it a month or so).

Weightwatchers is going very well indeed – though I’m having an odd week this week. Part of one of my rear molars fell out when I had some Burgen Bread when I was pregnant, so I had a filling – the kind which are for private patients, apparently. It feels loose – it feels like it’s not right. I’m holding off as long as possible going to the dentist, but in turn this means I’m not eating like I normally would. I’m making sure my food is soft and I’ve lost my appetite a bit. I’m hardly hitting my daily points, and on just week three that seems a bit quick – but almost definitely down to my dodgy tooth. Payday is in a week and a half so if it can hold out that long… if I can hold out that long, then that’s good.

I can’t quite get my head around the fact it’s October. I had washing out on the line today – much as I did last October.. and November. It feels so mild apart from at night – I know we held off putting on our heating until November last year, so all being well we’ll manage another month. We do sit under a rug in front of the tv now, proper oldies. Not a slanket though…