last night H rubbed her eyes tiredly, and then suddenly moved her hands away “BAH!” she said (booing us) – she’s getting the hang of this peekaboo thing! She did it several times too, so it’s not a one-off. Ha, she tricked us, anyway.

Yesterday we went into Central London to Shaun’s work, and oh, it was funny – all the people you’d least expect to help you with a buggy from train to train were the ones that did – and the people you’d think would, ignored. At Clapham Junction a lady left on the platform with me and her daughter helped with the buggy while businessmen forgot we were there (of course it could be said that Clapham really should hurry up and get their lifts working…), and then two young lads in Chelsea tracksuits helped me get the buggy up to the Waterloo platform. One nice gentleman gave up his seat on the bus so I could sit next to H in the buggy (I did decline, but he moved anyway, which was really kind, as I really could have stood, and then it seemed rude not to), another asked if I needed a hand elsewhere… ah, you know, there’s a lot of good people out there.

She’s obsessed with flowers and balls at the moment. In preparation for our Australia trip I’m getting her to watch tv, if only to point things out – and because it might give us 30 minutes of quiet time on the longest bit of the flight. So far, so good. I’m not completely happy about it, but I’d rather she was used to it than not – it’s another option then.