We’ve entered the marvellous world of bum and poo things being funny. This morning H refused to sing the ‘Children’s Traffic Club’ song loudly, so we changed the words to poo. She got quite cross with us grown ups. Understandably.

After a while she was shouting at us and stamping her foot on the floor angrily; we continued to taunt her with our poo song.

Eventually she threw herself on the floor. In anger she looked at us and in her angriest most cross-est of voice said to us “POOERSSS!!” and then on realising what she’d said burst into a fit of giggles.

(which reminds me of the time at school I got really cross at Jane Gruber and called her a horse as ‘cow’ didn’t seem extreme enough)


After swimming we were at the chemist where I was picking up some aqueous cream as she’s got a few dry skin patches. I explained to the lady behind the counter how it was just above her eye. The lady looked at H worried and said how bad it looks and she should go to the doctor. I didn’t think think it was *that* bad. Then I realised she had those red rings around her eyes where her goggles went…