Saturdays are good, and definitely one of my favourite days. We started off with the last Dramabuds of this term, where on having a choice between raisins and chocolate buttons to choose from the easter bunny, H chose raisins. I was all kinds of proud. Obviously not my girl…

Talking chocolate, we got a lovely Green & Blacks chocolate surprise from the lovely Nick Jr people via Louise which I collected this morning – omm so good I could eat the lot, but instead I need a good red wine to go with it…

After the class we went to our local park with a friend and her girl, and another mum from Dramabuds joined us – it was really nice, and I felt like a local rather than a bit of an outsider like I normally do, and H had a great time playing while we all chatted about schools and stuff.

A last minute change of plan and we decided to go out to Banstead Woods, as until my friend had told me about it I’d had no idea it even existed. It’s just a load of paths in the wood, but enough to be interesting. H had a few tantrums (not full blown ones), and in the next couple of weeks the bluebells will come through, making it all quite pretty. Already there’s a few peeping through, so it was nice to wander around without anywhere to go, just taking it all in.

On Daddy’s shoulders
A Bluebell
Wood hut where H pretended to be a Gruffalo
Banstead play area
Changing a tree into a frog with her ‘magic wand’
Finally, H surprised us by asking to read our car number plate. 
Most surprisingly of all, she read most of the numbers and letters correctly. We were a little gobsmacked to say the least…
We went on to Banstead to their ace play area which has a lovely cafe, before heading back home.
H is also getting pretty good at pushing food onto her fork 
using her knife – but every time she does it she demands a 
round of applause. It’s getting a bit tiring, but knowing she’s doing it for the attention hopefully means soon she’ll just do it anyway. We’ll see…