This isn’t funny now. Well, it was kind of funny on Friday when I photoshopped my teeth into her mouth, and no I’m not sharing it.

We were woken up five times last night! Five!! Although I think four of them were H trying to crawl in her sleep. She was face-down with her hands pushing up, and she was doing the frustrated cry she does when she tries to crawl but just can’t do it. She’s making progress on that side, and now has her feet lower, rather than like she’s parachuting. God please let her suss this one out soon, I’m not sure how many more nights like last night I can take!!

Then if it wasn’t sleep crawling it was teeth. God.

Meanwhile, over in my head I think I was probably dreaming about Igglepiggle, Tombliboos, the Ninky Nonk and errr… Cheebies. Help.

(nb she’s not actually interested in tv*, I just tried it as an experiment, so that’s a good thing)

* her programmes. She likes watching ones me and Shaun like, though. Weird.