She IS going to stay in bed tonight. She’s been promised a bird sticker. This seems like the easiest leverage tool ever, a sticker not to get out of bed for any reason, but already we’ve had one shout downstairs “I DON’T HAVE ANY WATER!” and again I hear her up, wandering around her bedroom and shouting for daddy. (why doesn’t she want to sleep?!)

This afternoon I got out of the office and had a meeting with lunch at Google. I came out of there feeling so positive and happy (and my contact insisted I helped myself to some of their snacks from their snack area, so that’s a bar of Green & Blacks and some vegetable non-potato crisp type things), and that reflected on H and I when I got home. We were happy and cuddled, though at one point she opened the cupboard door, turned the DVD player on and opened it, took out her Ben and Holly DVD and put it away and put her Tickety Toc one on.

Where on earth did she learn that?!

But this time rather than feeling a bit cross we laughed. So that’s a start isn’t it? It’s the weekend! So Dramabuds tomorrow followed by an afternoon with friends… while Shaun does another day of study (plus Sunday).

We will have a good time. We’ve birthday presents to buy, so hopefully some responsibility will rub off on H and she’ll help me instead of fight against everything…!