Ahh, Dave Grohl, a nice chap. He’s a little bit over a year older than me and he’s a bazillion times cooler than me (which, to be frank, isn’t hard), and he’s made a documentary all about the Los Angeles Sound City studios, who closed back in 2011, where he recorded ‘Nevermind’ and has since bought some of the studio’s old equipment.

It’s a real musicians film (something I am not) but it isn’t boring – you get a history of bands who recorded there, from really early albums to the time Buckingham Nicks were recording their album and were spotted by Mick Fleetwood (ah, that brought back memories of my dad) and Fleetwood Mac of the classic mid-seventies lineup was born.

If you wanted to bring it out of the eighties and into the nineties then you’ve got your Nirvana onwards bands – Rage Against the Machine, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Weezer get a brief mention but didn’t feature other than at the end, and several others; in fact it’s probably better to read the Wikipedia page for a full list. Then watch the film and see the happiness on (most of) the musicians faces as they reminisce about their time there, until it’s time for Dave Grohl to invite his celebrity chums into his new Studio 606 for a spot of jamming. This is where the Grohl/Novoselic/Paul McCartney collaboration came about.

It’s an interesting piece of history and something I enjoyed – especially when you realise a lot of bands chose to record there because of the sound you’d get – and listen to a few of the songs and there is a familiar drum sound in there…

I watched it via Blinkbox via the PeerIndex peerperks, so worth doing. Having said that, the sound was low on the computer so we need to work out how to plug the MacBook Pro into the back of the television, so hopefully we’ll have cracked that one by the time we want to watch Skyfall….