Wow. Have Festivals moved on so much these days that cosmetics companies can successfully market a ‘SOS Festival Kit’?

I’ve been going to music festivals since around 1984 (the York Rock Festival there – so I could go home afterwards and I was more concerned in getting Echo and the Bunnymen’s autographs), until I did alternate years at Reading (from 1987 onwards – they still had two main stages back then and no others!) until the last time Oasis played at some point in the last six years… I’ve camped at Reading, I’ve slept on friends floors, I’ve even slept in the Mushroom Beer Tent one year (now that was interesting, a deserted guest area) – and the last thing I’d think of in any of those cases would be my makeup.

Heck, I’d be lucky to even apply any lipbalm, let alone anything else.

Have festivals moved on so much? I remember an early 1990’s Reading when it was so muddy it took four of us (I was driving) to push my Renault 5 out of the mud, and when we lifted our tent there was a bed of worms underneath. Looovely. Oh, and our fabulous ‘Mosh and Go’ flag (with the Wash and Go logo, which took me hours to paint). Again I say, there was no time to consider makeup! It was all about survival, and staying as mud-free as possible. I do remember sun though, sitting in the sun watching Buffalo Tom – that’s my kind of festival.

Anyway, off I head to E.L.F. What exactly are the festival essentials? Oh, these. You’re telling me there’s no concealer?! Good one for the lipbalm though – I was severely caught out one year. An SOS kit? But everyone smells of campfires and burger vans and sweat unless they get a hotel (I never have) and even then surely they’ll be partying until the early hours? Surely a pocket sized perfume is needed to get that festival smell away? Or maybe they should make a perfume and call it ‘Festival’ – make it smell of those lovely distinctive smells…

Times have changed….