I was taken to one side tonight at nursery. H was sitting reading, doing nothing during the day today, and one of her friends (she’s told me who, so I know it’s a good kid as well which is why I’m sad) told her to “go away, I don’t want you here” – and was asked to apologise to her.

H says she didn’t, but I’m sure she did. She’s a good kid.

It recalled the pain, horrible memories of school I want to forget. The one where I was bullied and picked on and not part of the crowd. Please don’t let this be starting now – she’s too young for all this. Please let it just be a toddler phase and something which will pass.

H seemed okay about it, but a bit sad too.

I just feel slightly heartbroken, heartsinkingly sad, could it really happen again this soon? She wont remember a thing and hopefully we’ll forget it, but just the fact it’s happened… so tonight I’m cuddling my baby. Things will be okay.

I’m really hoping it’s not because she’s got glasses and is ‘different’ too. The staff at nursery are all being fantastic and letting H know she looks so grown up and cool in her glasses, so I hope she’ll develop a thick skin and shrug it off.

I guess I can tell her that actually, 25-30 years later things will be okay, you’ll be friends on Facebook and there’s nothing to worry about, and that she will get through it. But it sucks when it starts, big time.