Oh great.

I was told tonight that H pinned down another child and seemed to be hitting them. Which is extremely out of character for her. EXTREMELY. Whereas what happened to her the other day was verbal, this was physical. We’re not a family who hit, so extremely out of character – she’s not copying anything she’s seen.

When she was asked by her key worker (who also said it wasn’t like her at all), she said nothing.

H and I sat down for a chat when we got home tonight, and I eventually got out of her that she was snatching – which while it isn’t great was a relief, as at least she wasn’t hitting, she was just trying to grab a train the other child had.

Tonight the mum of that child will be wondering who it was – and she’ll be like me a few days ago quite possibly. I’m relieved it wasn’t as bad as I feared, but a serious talking-to was had. She apologised to the other child at nursery, so it all seems calm again. I just need H to be able to tell her key worker exactly what she’s doing. If she’d explained she was snatching then it just feels that little bit more normal. I hope the parents of the other child don’t dislike H for what they think happened if their child is able to tell them it was H that did it.

Twice in a week. I need wine. Topsy and Tim might have an answer for this somewhere. They’re doing a fantastic job in our lives right now…