I find myself dreaming of drinking wine, drinking lots of wine. Getting sozzled in a bath full of wine. It’s not going to happen, but I dream of it.

Somehow I find myself watching “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” though this may be due to Shaun studying – though most nights I’ll sit here on my own on the computer with the television switched off.

Somehow today time flew. I like it when the day goes quickly – I don’t eat as much.

Somehow I got into work on time. Normally I do, but Shaun was away at a conference (where he bumped into one of our friends, funnily enough), so I had to drop off and pick up H.

Somehow she accepts this and doesn’t behave oddly she used to. I think this is part of growing up and accepting different routines. I’m pleased. She’s never made a fuss, though will just be quiet at nursery for most of the morning.

Somehow H has got the cough I had – a horrid wheezy one. Luckily we’ve her inhaler, plus I’ve been prescribed new ones which is helping her breathe better – so we’re both back on that now.

Somehow I oured water onto the eyboard and nokw letters are being weird. I should robably shut down the comuter and let it dry out, if only to get my (also word for wee) key back. And to sto the k’s going crazy.