We made cakes. H got a Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles cupcake set for her birthday which we’ve kept in the cupboard for a while, waiting for the right time to make them. That time was today; we had one egg left and plenty of time. As I am a practical Taurean I also got a pizza base ready in the breadmaker to be decorated afterwards.

This cake making lark is easy when it’s all done for you. Firstly, put the egg, the mixture and three tablespoons of water into a bowl, and mix until fluffy. When it’s fluffy, spoon it into the cake cases, and put in the oven. 12 minutes or something like that and take them out, let them cool, make the chocolate icing and put a Peppa Pig sweet on the top. Eat.

See, easy.

I like that kind of cooking – Shaun and I are both coming down with a cold now, so we’re starting to become sickly household. Oh what fun…

After the cakes were done, the pizza base was ready to be decorated with beans, broccoli and peppers, a generous sprinkling of cheese and voila. One very yummy pizza made from last nights left over veg.