the concept of a lie in these days is a lovely one which never quite happens – though we’ve had two occasions where we’ve all slept until 8.30 the following morning and realised – and then not slept the following night (how wrong is that?). So how is it that at weekends H wakes up at 6.30 on the dot (though is now happy to lie in bed and play with her toys until she gets bored), but on a weekday when we need her to wake at 6.30, she does closer to 7, when we’ve opened her door, stuck the light on, etc etc etc. I think that’s what’s known as “Sods Law”.

I got my hair cut with H for the first time on Wednesday – I’ve had it cut before, but I’ve either been off work or I’ve gone on the weekend, so this was the first time I had to think of things to keep her occupied. There’s a Carshalton Mums 50% discount at Creative in Carshalton Village, so we headed there knowing it was a child-friendly place. I booked one of the first appointments of the day so there’d be no waiting, so headed off to the sinks to get my hair washed – to which H looked on distraught, her bottom lip quivering, not sure exactly what was being done to mummy, but finding it horribly distressing. Two big tears dropped down either cheek while she looked on, worried. Oh man, I mean, I know she’ll worry if mummy is in danger, but I probably need to start taking her to a few more places so she doesn’t get *as* freaked out by it all. Anyway, by the time the haircut started she just wanted to play on her mobile phone (toy one, please) and chat. Thank god the salon was kid-friendly though – it made the whole experience so much less stress.