Jade Goody died, we all knew she was going to die, and yet I burst into tears as I told Shaun. Up until that point I’d never shed a tear nor cared much for the girl (other than being pleased at the amount of publicity she’d given towards cancer, and the already positive reactions from people in general). Bizarre. I also cried again when I saw some photos of her funeral yesterday. Very bizarre. (in a proper sobbing in the throat kind of way, where you try to cover up the cry, but just make it sound even worse, because you sound even more upset than you actually are)

Yesterday, I bought some baby socks and a babygro with a kangaroo on them, from Baby Gap. Holding both in my hands, I burst into tears at the tininess of them, and how fluffy and soft they are – and how my baby will be wearing them at some point in the next four and a bit months. Oh god, did I cry. It was almost pathetic.

At work, the boys were all chatting, and I fancied some water from the water cooler. Unfortunately said water had run out, and it needed a new refill putting in, something which under normal circumstances I’d be able to change without any trouble at all. However, on asking a couple of the boys, they made excuses, and I felt embarrassed. So instead I decided to go to the shops to buy another bottle of water, as it solved the problem. So the boys being boys made a sarky comment about it, to which I burst into tears and told them not to talk to me like that. Whoops. I was honestly quite happy to buy some water, though. Proper tears there, too.

So yes, if anyone ever asks “What’s it like having pregnancy hormones” these are four examples of just that. However, I would have come up with more, had my short term memory not failed me yet again.

(Chapter 2 – So this is Short Term Memory Loss, aka Baby Brain – probably to be expanded upon in time, but being forgetful, this is possibly all you’ll get, or I’ll forget it even exists)

Walking back from Wallington today, we walk past a new Nearly New shop which I’d spotted. Shaun says “ah, you’re right, it is one of those shops” to which I say “crikey, is it a week since we walked down here? Doesn’t time fly!” to which he replies, “No, we walked past here on Friday”. I think hard. “Hmm… so what did we do on Friday?” I’m puzzled. Luckily it comes back to me fairly quickly, in that we had a day out and met up with his Australian relatives, ie, it was a big day out. I had completely forgotten – less than two days later.

Almost as bad – talking to people at work, and getting to the point where you say “and (insert name here) said (blahblahblah)” as part of your conversation – the only trouble being that despite sitting opposite that person, or having known that person for many years, you actually cannot for the life of you remember what that person’s name is. This has only happened to me twice, but still. Note to self, Greg, and Margaret. I expect more of these. If I talk to you, and use the phrase “yes, he said this” while “he” is present, it’s only because I’ve probably forgotten their name. Possibly the oddest thing to happen so far, there.