she’s now good at copying what we say – for example, last night in the bath with daddy she said lots of ‘bye bye’ to various people and things, followed by “see you soon” (gets that one off mummy, she does).

Lots of “mummy, duddle” requests when she’s wanting a cuddle, also she’s picking out books she likes by Peppa Pig, and picking the correct one, and saying things like “Peppa Swimming” and “Peppa Tooth Fairy” and it freaks me out a little bit how good she is. If only it was something other than Peppa Pig… (not that I dislike it – that’s saved for programmes like Waybuloo and In The Night Garden and their lack of proper english sentences) (then again, Peppa Pig is just grunts some of the time)

Anyway, she’s coming on so great now – we had five mums and their toddlers over yesterday after messy play, and she shared her toys, didn’t get too possessive, but let them know when they tried to take something from her (and she tried to take from others, but I think I caught and stopped her…), which is huge progress – she was grabbing books and sitting on other mums knees to get them to read to her which was also great! Apparently she’s a bit freaked out by the Tooth Fairy though… maybe 19 months is a bit too early to be learning about that… oh and she talked in front of everyone too… proper talking, properly relaxed and just being herself. Oh god, it was great.

Today was swimming and she’s off – she’s still using armbands, but can happily tread water in the pool and keeps her head up, and is happy and confident and doesn’t bob under too much (now I’ve got to get her to listen when that happens to blow bubbles). The greatest annoyance of all this is that our local pool is closing for a year and being taken over by another company – our swimming lessons are being moved to another pool which isn’t as good (but owned by the new people), and any other alternatives seem too far away… until today, when an alternative came up, a pool near here – and it’s Saturday lessons – which means I don’t have to do them every time… I’m well up for that. That also means that suddenly my very full Wednesdays are empty – which is kind of weird… I do have this thing in the back of my head, I want her to go for another day or half day at nursery, but then take that time to either a) go to college and get some new skills and a hefty dose of confidence or b) stay at home and do the washing and cleaning. Hmm.