Except I wasn’t complaining really, just wishing I had more time on workdays with H.

But then days like today and yesterday where there’s not enough hours to spend more time with her exist, and it’s great – it was non-stop yesterday, we left the house at 9.30 to do some Stay and Play time over the road, friends came back to ours (lucky I’d just made some bread), more friends arrived through the afternon and it was like a steady stream of chaos, and by 7pm I was ready to sleep!

Even better, H fell asleep just after 8. Phew.

Today was great too, swimming and a playdate afterwards, getting home in time for a Gas Safety check, then straight out again to Epsom for a quick shop, and home again in time for tea. H loves sitting on the train and being all grown up. I decided to take the Quicksmart Backpack Stroller I got to review (via Bizziebaby) and tripped over the wheels three times and got stuck in some aisles in shops – but oh, the bestest bit about the buggy was as I can’t carry anything on it, I didn’t spend much so was able to walk with H down the steps at Carshalton Station from the bad platform – so I suspect next time I need to navigate that platform that this buggy might be the one we use…

Anyway, we had two days of quality mummy and H time, and I feel like all calm is restored again. Time to get ready to go out knitting now….