it happened yesterday. I’m no longer pregnant. We’re sad about it, but optimistic it wont be long before I’m pregnant again.

The worst thing about all this is afterwards – I was in a lot of pain during the miscarriage, and it wasn’t pleasant (as you’d expect), now everything’s going back to where it should be, and again, I’m in a lot of pain. This baby lark… well, if it’s like this after giving birth… god. One things for sure, right now I wont be complaining as much about period pains, as at least they come and go – this is just constant. I’ve found that the most comfortable position to get into is that where you put your head over the toilet, as if you’re about to be sick into it. Voila, pain in your abdomen be gone! It’s quite bizarre.

Also, quite bizarre, on Saturday before this all started to happen, I had a baked potato. I swear, when I ate the skin, it tasted of washing up liquid. It really did. Now, between you, me and the internet, by Saturday I was a little bit concerned, though not overly, as I didn’t feel pregnant any more – my boobs didn’t feel tender, I was getting up for my very early morning wee, usually brought on by pressure on my bladder, and I was doing it out of routine, rather than because I needed to. The books all said that to not feel anything is better than feeling something (I agree with this), but as the whole… procedure (it feels weird calling it that, but I can’t find another word in my head for it) took it’s course, bloody hell did I feel it. All I could take was paracetamol. Oh woe.

I can go onto stronger painkillers now, which is good. Hopefully the pain will go soon… it’s been hovering around for the last day, last night being particularly horrible, I went to sleep clutching a hot water bottle on my stomach, until I woke up at 5am (see what I mean, this early morning wee thing is now habit) when the pain gradually came back.

Ack, midwife just phoned, I still have some pregnancy hormones in me, so I have to go back on Friday at 8.30 for another blood test. NOT fun.