well, kind of – it’s the snowball effect, something happens and a ton of other things happen too. I’m preparing the food for tonight’s meal, and she’s just propping herself up on the tv bench bit, and sings to herself a tune which is either ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ or ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ (well, the tunes are identical, and she loves both equally), only the first line, but it was enough for me to phone Shaun to let him know.

Today was a stupidly busy day. I had some work things to do, which became worse as the laptop I’d borrowed has lost it’s charge, so I couldn’t do anything, and had to fit it all in between our busy stuff we do. So I’m running around like a madwoman, going to Sing & Sign (went well, she only came out of her shell at the end when the toy box came out – otherwise she wanted to cling to me, strangely), getting home and having lunch before a nap and heading out to swimming lessons (which went excellently, she loved it and was kicking away, and singing away and pointing at the clocks), before we got a visit from Heather and M, and lots of playtime. Phew! I’m exhausted now.

Yesterday Jos came to visit and we went to Wakehurst Place and walked around, didn’t get rained on, and worked out H’s cough (as in, give her lots of fresh air and it might go away). I’m not sure how much fresh air there is underneath the Gatwick flight path, but hey. It was good, and she saw some ducks and she did the duck sign – so it’s working!