Cruel mum strikes again. On H’s third wakeup last night I told her there’d be no playing in the snow – and she broke down into really really really sad heartbroken tears. So a quick cuddle and reassurance that if she stayed in bed then she could, and fortunately she did just that.

So Sunday morning. Shaun went to have his shower, H went back into her room. For the first time ever she got herself dressed without either of us choosing an outfit. Oh it was so cute. A good ten minutes had passed and there was no sign of her, so I shouted out to make sure she was okay – and in she came (bear in mind it’s snowed), a long sleeved top backwards and inside out, and some three quarter length leggings, again inside out. I re-dressed her (she was quite happy with this) in warmer clothes, we had our breakfast and headed out into our back yard area, where her and Shaun made a snowman (while I did the more important things like filling the dishwasher and making some bread).

Actually, I say a snowman, it was more a snow-god-knows-what. See, the head got made, and H just kept adding to it until eventually it had a huge great big beehive.

After naptime we walked to our local park – and we had the whole place to ourselves to explore/throw snow at each other. Note to self: buy a cheap sledge for next year. We stopped for a quick coffee at a bar on the way home, then opted for Pizza Express to do the cooking this evening – neither of us could be bothered, nor had the energy.