Yes, it snowed. I was settling into my day at work when it started, and ended up leaving around ten-ish, getting home with the car for eleven to work from home.

Oh I love working from home. I relax, I get loads done and I can have a load of washing going on in the background, so I’m indirectly doing two jobs.

Shaun was home by about 1.30, and I’d gone to pick H up just after two. Fortunately we got to work and have H sitting on the iPad playing some Toca Boca games, as well as The Koala Brothers, our table was two laptops and the iPad, all doing our own thing for a little bit – it was great!

Shaun and H headed outside to build the obligatory snowman while I stayed inside working.


collecting snow

which they did marvellously.

snowdad and the snow-daut


I even donated one of my wooly hats which H appears to have claimed for herself. Tsk, I say. Better knit another…