I’m getting a bit tired of all this snot. We’re currently in Week 3, well, I am. Shaun has just left Week 5 and is well again, whereas I’m mid-way. I’m just tired.

H hasn’t actually featured in the year of snot yet, and with two weeks to go until end of term (woo! Two weeks today I’ve finished for the year!!) I’m hoping she’ll keep up her 100% attendance record which we’ve somehow fluked this year. She did advise me she felt a bit sick yesterday, but so far there has been no call from school today so I’m sure it isn’t an issue.

THEN I realise I’ve turned into my mum. At the age of thirteen or fourteen my sister had chicken pox. Two weeks later exactly, my first spot came out. My mum was having none of it, and pretty much said words to that effect, bundling me off to school, via the bus.

I was sent home around midday, my chicken pox spots making a spectacular appearance.

But you have to do it – sending H into school when you’re not 100% sure isn’t about an attendance record (it’s just a nice bonus), it’s about having to take the time off work, in addition to any time I’ve already had to take for myself. I’ve had an awful year illness-wise, two of those occasions being back related, but the rest being sickness or cold related. What kind of a message am I sending to my child? The sickly mum who stays off work more than she does off school because I make sure she goes.

Of course, if she was genuinely unwell she wouldn’t be going – she had one day off sick last year with an ear infection, and fortunately I can work remotely. I’m relieved she hasn’t inherited my rubbish immune system and seems to be the healthiest one of us all.

Having said that, she’s tired. We’re all tired. We started the year doing stuff, and now we crave our after school sitting on chairs talking kind of days. Where she’d be getting out of her school uniform straight away in the evening, these days it stays on as we’re too tired to think about it.

But! Two weeks today it all finishes for the year and I have two weeks off, as does H. I had plans on the Friday but I’m cancelling them – we’re going to get into our pyjamas and order pizza, eat fruit and vegetables, and watch a film of some kind – I’m not sure which one yet, mind. We are going to stop.

At the start of this term the only After School Club I wanted H to do was recorder. We’d chatted with her teacher in Reception who does the classes and had expressed an interest, and H was really keen. While she’s not one for choir or drama club kind of things, playing an instrument does appeal to her and she has really enjoyed it. She’ll be playing Jingle Bells on the recorder at their school play next week too. (better find time to practice)

Next term I’m guessing we won’t get to do recorder any more which makes me a bit sad, but I’m hoping that other opportunities will come along. Actually, what I hope is that they’re all ones we can’t do, and that we just have the one club so we can get a bit of time to stop.

All these activities are tiring, and I’m surprised she hasn’t caught anything – it’s just the rest of us that seem to be.