We’re an Apple house, we’ve always been an Apple house. Our oldest surviving Apple product is the eMac upstairs which slowly creaks along, while there’s a little Apple graveyard forming, a pile of old iPods and so on. Things move quickly and technology moves quicker.

We’re also extremely lucky – an old very excellent friend asked if we’d like her old iPad as she was getting the newest one. We want to give her wine (and will!), and she gave us her old iPad. H pretty much hasn’t put it down every time we let her use it.

One day her friends came over and they sat mesmerised by the Yo Gabba Gabba app which has each character doing a song (yes, ‘Party in my Tummy’ is on there as well as the theme). So this is my technology post. Thank you again Jos for your iPad, and next time we meet there will be wine!

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