I work four days a week – and take the train to work. I used to drive but almost every road on my travels is being dug up – and once I get to Wandsworth it’s a nightmare – so the train wins for the time being. So my Kindle is being used a lot at the moment. I can get through books quickly and have somehow found myself in three book clubs, although I’m never quite in sync with what is being read. So instead I plough through books I’m reading in the hope I might have already read one.

My current book is ‘How Soon Is Now’ by Richard King. I have to say, it’s a really good book. I’m finding it interesting as it’s all about the days of Rough Trade and other independent labels and how they grew, and the characters who worked at the labels – the majority of them are familiar names to me. Without sounding precocious (which I was accused of being when I was younger), I was buying records on Factory, 4AD, Rough Trade and Beggars Banquet from around the age of 12 or 13 – and now I’m working for three of those labels. I guess we just kind of slotted together, me and music and work. So I’m reading this book, though the Bank Holiday threw things a bit. As far as the author goes, I knew him to argue with when I lived in Bristol and we had an argument in a pub one night (about an obviously argumentative thing – Vital being better than Pinnacle, we were young, I guess), so I was never a massive fan. He’s done a good job, so credit where credit is due, I think.


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