I cheated, I set a load of posts to appear on the days they were meant to while I was away, in preparation for no internet. Sensible.

However, I didn’t read today’s prompt, and in doing so missed the fact it was midday. This will do, as it was taken today at 12.35 and is actually a lot more interesting than it looks. We were driving away from Exeter and back to London, heading for the A303. On the way down we spotted a large haystack which was made up like The Queen. It was ace, and I didn’t get a photo. Alas, it was being taken down so you can only see a hand and the crown – but hey. On the plus side the local Somerset Paper has a photo so you can really appreciate its greatness. It was also a fabulous distraction tool with a tantruming toddler. “LOOK! THERE’S THE QUEEN!!!” always works a treat.

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