Oooh. Green. No, I will not gush about Scritti Politti (it did cross my mind), but instead I’ll go on about something else.

I take lots of photos. You probably wouldn’t realise as only a fraction of them are shared on here – and I’ve taken so many I’ve run out of time to upload them to Picasa (which works as one of my backup places). Within all these photos I take lots of photos of trees. So rather than have them just sit there, I started a new blog a month or so ago – Photos of Trees. Trees can look really pretty, I love driving past a wood, I get drawn into it, you see so many other things, and if I can get a photo I will. This isn’t a recent thing either. I’ve a lovely Dead Can Dance tour poster on the wall in our front room, which features trees. I have some fantastic photos of burnt out or chopped down trees too which I love looking at. This may be weird, I don’t know. But I take photos of trees.

I took this one this weekend just gone at Killerton House near Exeter. It’s full of green. It was a hill of green. It felt so clean and full of fresh air you could breathe. (even though Exeter Airport was close by)

Snap Happy BritMums