So our wakeups this morning were 4.30am (she was cold), 5.30am (she decided it was time to come in with mummy and daddy), and 6.05am (ditto, to which I bribed her with Weetabix if she stayed in bed until the sun came on her clock).

Also, we have a problem. At 5.30am she grabbed her Gro Clock and pressed the button to make the sun appear. “Look mummy! The sun is up!” she announced, all pleased with herself. We weren’t so pleased… she’s playing our rules, dammit. I didn’t think this was meant to happen until she was a teenager. Even worse, she didn’t have a nap at nursery yesterday so it’s not like she’s sleep deprived – AND she had a night terror just as the second half kicked off on the England game (so I missed both goals that were and weren’t). I suspect she’s set to inherit my awful ability to sleep….

At least now we’re all back on night duty, even if we feel like hell the next day, and I’ve told H if she thinks about doing anything like that again her Gro Clock is going to be mounted on the wall where she can’t reach it, which probably means she’ll climb up her shelves to get to it instead…. she has already tried, much to our horror.