Okay, so I’ve gone on about this enough times (still no teeth, btw), but it’s funny how the whole getting-up-in-the-night routine becomes normal – or at least, tolerable? You don’t have that falling asleep while feeding feeling, because you know it’ll be over quickly, and baby will go back to sleep. All of a sudden, being woken 2-3 times a night is normal. You get on with it. It’s weird.

Which of course means that soon she’ll be back sleeping through the night again, I’d imagine. Though my newly conditioned self will still wake up at random times throughout the night, wondering why she’s not crying.

Fun times… I’m not complaining. I’m just glad I get all this maternity leave – it’d be impossible if I was back at work… (and I admire anyone who can).

Sidenote – The Office – An American Workplace this week just gone, the baby episode – it deserves a huge thumbs up for being possibly one of the greatest programmes showing how difficult the whole thing is. Of course, I’ve probably spoilered it now if anyone still reads this. Sorry.

Also! Also! Baby Led Weaning is fantastic! I want to gush how well she’s doing with it all, the whole idea she could choke is so far from the back of our minds it doesn’t come into it – she’s doing amazingly, and we’re both such proud parents. God, it’s ace. It’s hard not to get evangelical about it all…