One of my most favourite things to do is chat with H, she’s a very funny child. Her sense of humour is brilliant – and she has fabulous comic timing too which makes me laugh a bit too much (and then she gets sensitive about it, but she’s just genuinely funny).

Recently, when I’ve tucked her in bed at around 11pm when I’m going to bed, she’s a little bit restless, like she’s half awake, half asleep. So what better thing to do than chat to her in her dreams? It’s awesome.

I usually plump her pillows up a bit so they’re comfy, often asking her to sit up so I can do it, and reassuring her it’s mummy. When she knows this she does it straight away, and will often lean against me having a cuddle until it’s all set for her to lie down again.

So I’ll have a chat. “Are you having a good rest?” I’ll ask, and usually wherever the dream is takes over what she tells me.

Last night she said “I’ll need a few more of these please mummy, can you help?” – so I offered to do her another twenty. She seemed satisfied with this and rolled over and snored again. I have no idea what I’ve offered to do another twenty of.

The previous night she announced “It’s absolutely BRILLIANT being six years old!” and I had to cuddle her in agreement. “Is it the best thing ever?” I asked back, to which she confirmed “Oh YES!” and fell asleep again.

The night before got a bit weird. “I need another sandwich mummy” she told me. I asked her what she would like inside. “Oh, just some rice” (rice?! RICE?! Rice sandwiches?!). I did clarify this with her. “Rice sandwiches?” I said in a calm, gentle, loving voice. “Yep” she replied, then rolled over and started snoring.

I really look forward to this time of night. I just wish I could remember everything she tells me, and most importantly of all, I wish I could work out what on EARTH she’s dreaming about!