I appear to have guacamole in my head

H’s routine has lapsed horribly and now it’s affecting us horribly, and it’s partly our fault.

We’ve let her nap in the car when she’s been exhausted from our activities. Last night was the worst.

She had 45 minutes nap in the car as I couldn’t wake her up after 25 minutes, so we had to pull into a garage so I could get into the back and gently wake her.

Once done she stayed awake though for my sins I allowed her to play on the iPad so I could have a rest too as I was pretty tired after a broken night of little sleep (as she woke up).

We got home, fed H and did the nighttime routine, she was read ‘Sleepy Farm’ by 8.15 and left to settle herself.

She eventually got to sleep at 10pm. I was too tired to eat, too tired to do much, and too tired to actually sleep. I did get there, only to be woken around 2am for another round of waking up – until she settled around 3ish. I remember going back to bed and being too awake once again – finally sleeping around 5am.

It’s like having a newborn again. Thank god we’re on holiday, though actually I’m kind of dreading next week when we go away again and the routine will yet again be wrecked. Whimper.