This morning at 6.29am H woke up.

“mummy!!” she yelled, followed by a much louder “MUMMYYYY!!!” (this is our new alarm call, she thinks she needs permission to get out of bed I think – I’m not about to correct that). I called back, and she claimed to have a bad foot. This is her new way of not going to nursery (and don’t get me wrong, she loves it there – she just finds an excuse every day not to go) – this morning was different. Her face was boiling hot and an angry red, a definite temperature and red behind the ears. My immediate thought was slapped cheek as a child at nursery has had it, and it’s contagious for a while beforehand, spread by kids not putting their hand over their mouth when they cough, that kind of thing – and late on Sunday she’d been scratching around her hairline. I feared the dreaded headlice but couldn’t spot anything, and have since found out itchy skin is a symptom of slapped cheek (and she’s no longer itching now the temperature has come up).

Of course, asking a three year old how they feel when they’re fixated on a foot that hurts (which you suspect doesn’t) means you don’t get very far. The thermometer confirmed a high temperature (we use an in-ear one which apparently is the most accurate) so Shaun took the day off to be with H.

Right now she’s singing loudly in the bath, nurofen and calpol have taken the edge off her hot head, though she feels fine – just tired. I’m hoping we can do something tomorrow, though suspect it’ll be one of those days where everything you planned doesn’t happen. Fortunately I have Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Annie on DVD. We’ll be fine….