we’re all sick. I have evil throat issues, where I can barely talk. Shaun has evil throat issues but he can talk. We both can’t sleep for coughing. H sleeps and coughs and can’t talk anyway. She also has conjunctivitis. It’s fun in our house, let me tell you.

In other news, still no walking, though she’s standing up while leaning on things, less like she’s holding on for dear life and more like she’s comfortable with it, so that’s progressing, slowly. I think she doesn’t need to walk, so that’s why she’s not trying – she can get to everything she needs to by crawling/cruising around the room.

We’ve had a few words, though nothing really other than “no no no” in it’s own right. Yesterday a cat was walking along the back wall, and Shaun said “look!” to which H pointed and said “LOOK!” (she was very excited about the cat and thought it was hilarious).

She’s finally getting her head around spoons and yoghurt, and putting the spoon back into the yoghurt pot. I swear, everywhere I read about the Tommee Tippee Magic Mat there’s a bad review, and it’s true, the plates stay on for all of 10 seconds, but the mini food pots are perfect for yoghurt, hold down much better, and can even cope with an entire toddler hand in it. Her knife and fork are slowly being used – I’m not trying to use it too much, just leave them on her plate, and hopefully she’ll see we’ve got them and copy… we’ve had some fork action, but little with the knife. We’ve also tried putting food onto the fork and handing it to her, a bit like we did with yoghurt, which again seems to work, but I don’t really want to spend mealtimes doing that… so we’re not pushing it too much.

A couple of nights ago, she was getting so frustrated with getting the spoon back into the pot, and we were encouraging her, “nearly, nearly…” to which we got a reply of “nearly!”.

So yes, the poor little thing, she’s had conjunctivitis since Wednesday. We both took a day out of work, as she couldn’t go to nursery. It’s a lot better now, but still there. I’m hoping nursery don’t refuse her tomorrow… I was bad though. I took her swimming on Wednesday, when it was bad. I did make sure she didn’t duck her head under the water, and she only had her own towel, which was washed afterwards, but I’d paid the best part of 70 pounds for that, and we’re missing lessons because of Australia – so I couldn’t face missing the first class. As it was I thought it started at 1.30, and it was 1pm – which thankfully I realised at 12.58. We got into the pool by 1.15… We’re also about to do a Sing & Sign class in a week or so, so there’s another 70 pounds. God, all these things are SO expensive. It better be worth it.. though I’m already getting the feeling that doing one term isn’t going to change things dramatically – though it may help with us teaching from home.