Oh the sick feeling, it never really goes away. Add to that the newly growing hormones, which mean I cry at almost everything. This is not funny. Shaun can even say to me “don’t cry!” and I burst into tears. EVERYTHING gets me. It’s quite funny, when I realise it’s happening. Let’s hope we’re not due another seven months of this.

Oh god, in seven months, all being well, it should have happened.

Like I said earlier today (but not on here although I’m sure I have), I wish it was August. I just want to get it over with.

It feels like baby’s position is shifting, as the shivery numbness I was getting in my right leg has pretty much stopped, and I keep getting occasional ones in my left – which is probably baby pressing against a nerve. The strange position I keep trying might also be helping. Anyway, apparently baby is quite big now. Although you wouldn’t know just yet. My bazooms are pretty huge right now, which is awfully difficult to disguise.

Tell you what, baby brain is weird. I’ve probably written all this yesterday, but I’ll be damned if I can remember typing it.