We’ve had a funny run of sickness this last week. At H’s party one of her friends vomited all over the floor at the end after everyone had left, which I didn’t think twice about other than it smelt bad.

Wednesday was one of my last few ones off before I go back to five days at work, and we headed to soft play as usual where we met another mum whose child will be in the same class as H, which was nice. After that was swimming and then home and cooking – Wednesdays are stupidly busy and even buying a quiche and having salad with it is tiring.

Thursday night and H woke up around midnight vomiting. Friday we were meant to be going on holiday – talk about bad timing, and it was a short break too. I didn’t even think about her friend the previous Saturday, and generally H is healthy but tired (as we all are). We decided to hold off and see how she was. We found out another of her friends had the same that she’d been at soft play with, so could rule out the party, and everyone seemed to get over it after being sick and having a rest.

She seemed okay by Saturday morning after a good sleep, and desperate to go away so we headed off early, around 7am and got to our destination just after 10. After that we had a long walk to the seaside, she had a play in the sea, and us parents made sand castles before heading back to our caravan. After that we headed for a swim, then back to the soft play area for food and a drink.

That somehow morphed into an evening of entertainment which was splendid, but H’s bedtime ended up being 9.30 which was a mistake. She was tired after a bad night on Thursday and I think it caught up with her again. By Sunday we planned a trip to Corfe Castle which was cut short with H being sick in the car and though she showed occasional moments of being herself she was also not quite right. I suspect tiredness, sickness and car sickness all combined, and really we should have stayed at home. Big sigh. We left our holiday early and got her home for the night.

Which then resulted in no more sick, but due to nursery’s 48 hour rule she couldn’t go back in for her last day ever today – she didn’t quite make it and I could see she wasn’t quite 100%. So I took parenting leave to look after her (or rather be bossed around while trying to work), setting her the task of pretending she’s at school so she has to change from her uniform into her PE kit – which she did just fine with, mostly.

I am now tired and feeling queasy. Sods law, right? I am not allowed to be ill in any way as I have a very important day this Friday, so don’t even think about it. I put it down to a lack of sleep (as I never sleep well the first night in a new place) and the broken sleep the night before. Everything always boils down to sleep, and when it’s time to sleep you can’t actually do it any more just to really add insult to injury.

Luckily I have things to hand to help me sleep so we’ll go back there. Just one or two nights as I’m pretty certain that Sunday night will be my least restful sleep in a while as I get ready to take H to school for the first time.

This weekend I want to be outside, in the fresh air, to breathe again. I don’t want to stay indoors, and if it’s wet then we’ll take waterproofs. We need to be outside and I need a clear head again. Maybe that’s what we all need?

Maybe in future I should go with my gut feeling like I used to.