We went shopping on Saturday and ended up in BHS in their lingerie department. I had a bra fitting where it was confirmed I’m the size I am, which I’ve been buying for the last god knows how long anyway as I have no idea. Standing in a cubicle in just my bra while two ladies talk about my boobs was a bit strange.

Anyway, they were doing a deal on bras so I picked a couple. I’m not one for getting matching pants, but had a look anyway. The nicest bra had some pants which had a clear mesh back – ewww. I mean, if you like that sort of thing then nice, but it was SO not me.

H asked “Mummy, why aren’t you getting these?” so I explained at how they really weren’t my kind of thing. She seemed satisfied with this. Yesterday we were getting dressed and H piped up “ooh mummy, are those the ones that you can see through the back of!?”

My girl obviously thinks I have no taste.. they really were pretty bad.