We don’t watch masses of tv, but we watch it. The absolute favourites are Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly. Having posh telly means we have Nick Jr – which means occasionally you can time it to have over two hours of both programmes, should you choose.

It’s not often we do this, and we’ll do other things while it’s on, but we did have a lazy hour yesterday with some Peppa Pig – and incredibly I saw an episode I’ve never seen before! (Fun Run)

Now, those of you in the know will just say “oh silly you, they’re showing all the new episodes now!” – and you’d be correct, however, this one is from 2010! So it’s not a NEW new one. That’s good enough for me, I was getting a little tired of the same ones (we even try to guess them now as a whole new game to pass the time).

On the plus side with Ben & Holly I have seen a lot of the episodes, but I don’t pay attention and drift off so every time I see any of them it’s like I’ve seen them for the first time. Does that count too?