My three and a half year old has an odd habit. She’ll laugh too much and if she doesn’t catch her breath enough, gets the hiccups. She hates it.

Absolutely HATES it.

We’re trying to do lots of breathing in between laughs to ‘control’ it, and it does eventually go – though it’s no fun having to watch you don’t make her laugh too much.

Does anyone have any good hiccup remedies? Shaun swears by raspberry cordial (undiluted) which does seem to work – though I’m not sure how good it is for someone H’s age!

A drink of water helps, and we do practise breathing in and out when it happens (she’ll copy me) to try and slow it down and get air back into her – but it’s so annoying – we’ll be having a laugh and then she ends up upset as she’s got the hiccups. Help!