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It took two hours there and two hours back to the Baby Show yesterday – with H, Rachel and Jesse in the car.

H was so good, she sung songs for us a lot of the way, and shouted “TUNNELLLLL!” in the Blackwall Tunnel (a game she’s inherited from her mummy, there) both there and back.

Rachel doing a Mia Tui deal

Ohh and I spent money. I SPENT MONEY. Rachel is an evil Mia Tui pusher excellent and managed to convince me to buy a bag! I am really not a handbag person, but these bags – oh my, the space! Also, I’m almost 42, so I should have bags which make me look my age. So now I do!

Can I just say, a bag which is big enough to carry everything you need plus the new My Carry Potty and a Fudgy Bear has to be good, right? The lady on the Prima Baby counter was amazed at what came out of it.. I think this may be my new love, a bag which carries everything – and probably my new work bag too! So yes, count me in Mia Tui, I’m hooked.

H choosing Her Carry Potty

The thing which impressed me as much as the space in the Mia Tui bag was arriving into Croydon, and H announced she needed a wee. I got her to hold on (she was wearing a Dry Like Me pad, so I knew we’d be okay if there was a minor accident), and we managed to get to a car park near Reeves Corner, where the My Carry Potty made it’s debut and did exactly as it’s designed to. H wanted to carry it all the way home, but I drew the line there…

Anyway, we made it home by 8.20 which was way past H’s bedtime, but she coped fine. Fortunately Shaun had been studying all day and had (optimistically) made some Tacos for us for our usual evening meal time (6.30!), so food was ready, plus I’d asked Rachel to text ahead as I needed wine, so that was my evening sorted. Phew.

I’m more than a bit tired today. There’s some great products I’m going to gush about on Mum Friendly, anyway.