If only it was as easy as the hokey cokey, eh?

The EU Referendum happens tomorrow, and it is possibly the oddest thing I’ve experienced in my life. It isn’t one-party-one-view. I find myself siding with people I wouldn’t normally side with, for example. Watching the BBC debate last night Ruth Davidson came across really well and quite frankly, you’d never hear me saying something like that in a regular political debate. Sadiq Khan too (though you would get me agreeing with what he says).

The other side just seem to say things which make no sense to me. I’ve tried to find sense in both sides, to find things that would make me want to understand, but nothing makes sense by leaving the EU – to me.

Let’s rewind to the London Mayoral campaign. I collected all the leaflets to read through, to see if anyone made sense to me, and ultimately Sadiq Khan did. I feel like you have to read everything even if your gut feeling is you’d disagree to know exactly where you are. Then again, I was brought up on a Lib Dem background with a dad who did that every time an election came up – he had so many reasons for not voting for parties, but always weighed up every argument. (I’ve only just realised this as I write)

So here’s the EU Referendum. The weirdest of things when the Wandsworth Conservatives In are canvassing outside the station and you walk past because they’re Conservatives, even though you’re in. The Wandsworth Conservatives Out haven’t been – maybe they’re saving their energy for tomorrow. I have mastered the art of the dismissive hand signal while still being polite, my own ‘shake it all about’, perhaps.

One thing that isn’t really mentioned much in this debate is Gibraltar – this is the UK and Gibraltar voting. Imagine if we voted to leave? They’d be a bit screwed, wouldn’t they? Then again, I had this weird vision that it would be neck and neck until Gibraltar came in, swinging the vote to Remain in the dying minutes – a bit like when the Ukraine won Eurovision this year with the new voting system. God, imagine if Leave won? We’d be stuck on null points for the forseeable future…

Here’s another thought. Should I be buying my Euros for our Paris break in August? Could the pound end up worthless if we leave? (heaven forbid) Should I be planning ahead like this, worst case scenario? Nobody can really answer that one…

I’ve tried to avoid putting proper serious political things on Facebook, and only silly things because mostly we all need silly things to keep our spirits up, right? So here’s Rhodri’s one which made me chuckle.

Rhodri Marsden misinformation

Look, whatever you do tomorrow, vote. I don’t care which side you’re on – just make your voice heard. You’ll only have yourself to blame if you don’t like it. As Gaby Hinsliff on The Pool said:

If you’re still stuck, close your eyes and imagine that it’s now Friday, June 24. Imagine you didn’t vote, and have now woken up to find the rest of us voted Out. So long, Europe. What’s your gut reaction?