I’ve read links letting me know what the top toys are this Christmas, including that ridiculously bizarre Dog where you scoop up its poop.. and I’m left wondering what on earth is going on. Yes, I’m old, but crikey, it just wasn’t like that in the day…

So, when I was given a chance to mention the gorgeous wooden toys that Sevi have been producing since 1831 (yep, you read it right, almost 200 years), and that John Crane will soon be stocking them, I jumped at the chance.

We received a wooden keyring (I chose the letter H, of course!) which is lovely – really nice colours and H has now claimed it as “mine!” (hers).

Sevi have some really lovely charming wooden toys, and John Crane will be stocking them at a really good price (which is always important when it comes to buying toys, especially wooden ones which are always that bit more expensive).

I think ultimately the toys and how they look speak for themselves –  check out the images here. Loveliness…! I can’t wait to get some… just looking at the photos makes me wish they did edible versions… mmmm..

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