To be said in a Len Goodman style.

H is now seven. Seven. How did that happen?

It would seem I’m good at keeping secrets and amazing at being absentminded. We took H to Disneyland Paris for her birthday and I messed up three times but she didn’t realise.

The first one was her asking when Bake Off was due to start. “Oh, when we get back from Disneyland” I replied hiding my face and hoping she hadn’t registered what I’d just said, and if she had that she was putting it down to me being a bit dippy.

The second was the following day, I can’t remember what was said, but I said it again. I have no idea how I got away with it.

The last was on Shaun’s birthday, two days before hers. I handed him a Minnie Mouse stripy t-shirt all wrapped up, thinking it was his. Which of course it wasn’t… the penny didn’t drop at all with H, again, she just thinks I’m dippy.

Which I am. The perimenopause has created an incredible amount of havoc in my body this last year, the worst of it being my short term memory and coming out with words that have nothing to do with what I’m talking about. But H knows that and just kind of laughs at me… like last night when I said ’email’ rather than ‘elbow’, as you do.

I think this is what is making her an awesome 7 year old. She’s got a fabulous sense of humour and is starting to show no fear in doing things. A year ago she would never have stood on stage and performed, and on Wednesday just gone she did the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland and had a quick fight with Darth Vader. The audience was probably around the 200 size, maybe a bit more.

She insists on making our dessert at meal times and I’m not going to turn it down! She starts Brownies in a few weeks when more grown up things will start – such as making a cup of tea (I assume that anyway) although she could still do with a bit more common sense…

One thing I haven’t mentioned on the internet, she had her SATs last year at school and only got one maths question wrong – which I’m really proud of. All her marks were excellent, and she’s come on so brilliantly at school. I really wish that people wouldn’t worry parents of summer-born children like they do… they’re as good as they are – and there are ways of helping them if you know they’re struggling. They just don’t have to be born in August for that to be the case.

She’s starting Junior School soon, in just over a week. A new school and as she pointed out, she’ll be the youngest in school again. She wasn’t happy about that! So maybe we’ve all got hang up’s about her birthday…

A year ago getting H to say anything in The Netherlands was impossible – she wouldn’t speak out. This year we got a few ‘merci’ and ‘bonjour’s out of her which is BIG progress. I went on two German exchanges in the 80s and spent the entire time speaking English, so wrecked was my confidence in myself. I’ll happily speak German now, and indeed French. I want H to have the confidence to do it, and really encouraged it. She’s going to learn French at her new school too – should be interesting!

She has grown. 137cm, now technically tall enough not to have a car seat. She will be having one for the forseeable future, what with having long legs and a shorter upper body. She wasn’t happy about that, but too bad.

Other than that, she has passed her Stage 4 in swimming and starts classes again soon, back with her buddy from school so she’s happy about that.

She has switched to a Holiday Club for slightly older kids and loves it. I kept her in one with her best friend from nursery as they were both quite shy and young. They’ve both changed to this one and are loving it- and there are even more of their friends who go as well. She has made loads of new friends. In fact, she seems to make friends really easily. No longer shy about talking to people, for the first time ever she left some kids our address for them to be penpals. Having said that they haven’t written yet, so I’m not holding my breath, but a year ago she would never have done that!

So yes, she’s growing up, and it’s mostly good. My prediction of my menopause hell coinciding with her puberty hell is almost certainly going to happen. Poor Shaun!