She’s back at nursery tomorrow, nighttime permitting. So far, so good. We did stuff today, though had a lovely lie-in (I’ll miss those, a sick child who wants to stay in bed is a good thing for a parent who is tired from getting up in the night) – her friend J came over and they were pirates together before she ended up a weepy mess of confused three year old emotions.

(J wanted to be red in Connect 4, as did H, so she burst into tears. For the record, J did nothing wrong at all, H was just emotional and kept coming to me for help when she actually just needed to be yellow, though by the time she’d decided she was yellow, J had already played those pieces thus reducing her to more tears of despair and darkness and Connect 4 wasn’t the problem any more, it was just LIFE.)

I’m really looking forward to when she’s a teenager.