Scummy Mummy

I never get tagged in memes, but this one appeals as Sonya made it up, and it’s definitely quite me. Five things which make me a Scummy (as opposed to Yummy) Mummy.

Makeup. At Christmas to try and brighten myself up a bit I signed up for those monthly beauty boxes that are out there – going for three in one month. I got lots of lovely posh makeup and played with it, then realised I don’t actually have anywhere to go to wear it (I did have a night out recently, but Shaun had one too so I had no time to put any makeup or nail varnish on, sigh) – so I’ve got some nice proper makeup stuff but no means of using it. Having said that, they’ve all got the 12 months mark on them (as in, they’ll go off after that) but you can guarantee that they’ll still be in my collection in seven years time. I still have my wedding makeup and that’s nine years ago now. (it was expensive stuff, okay?)

Fashion. I do own some dresses, and they often sit gathering dust in the wardrobe waiting for that special occasion – good job I’ve got four shelves doubled up of t-shirts. I could probably blog about a different t-shirt every day of the year, I have that many. To add to the scumminess of my mummy status, if I see a t-shirt I like I’ll buy more than one of the same kind (though try for a different colour) – so quite often if you see me, I’ll look like I’m wearing the same clothes for an entire week. (same goes for jeans) I’m really not, honestly…

My oldest t-shirt I still wear dates back to July 1991. It’s a Teenage Fanclub one that I bought at Manchester International. Damon Albarn was at the gig which impressed me and Rachael. My oldest t-shirt I still own is probably my Lush ‘Scar’ one which sits in a box never to be worn again but still in pretty good nick. That would be 1989, I do believe which makes it 23 years old. Cripes.

Shoes. Every time we go to Australia I head to a shoes outlet as two of the times I went they had the same Converse massively reduced – and this was over a four year period. In that time I probably wore the same shoes all the time, and due to my bulk buying nature it probably looked that way too. Last time I went they didn’t have any, and I’ve had great trouble buying a pair of shoes which has lasted since. My last pair of Converse are on their last legs, though only five years old. Good innings, I’d say. They wash in the machine quite well too, thank goodness otherwise I’d really pong. (on the plus side I found some cheap Skechers at TK Maxx which are my current pair)

Hair. I am so ridiculously boring with my hair. It’s either long with a fringe, long without a fringe or short all over. This is the same pattern my hair has taken throughout my life – I don’t think I’ve ever experimented with any other styles. I’m all for just having hair so I can tie it back and it does nothing other than exists in a bun at the back of my head. I’m done dying my hair red (too much maintenance) and stick to brown as you’re less likely to spot my roots so I can leave it for longer. Having said all that, I do have nice shampoo. I even got sent (in one of those beauty boxes) a sample of some shampoo and matching conditioner by Rahua. I tried it and then looked at the price. £20 FOR A SMALL BOTTLE. I am now doing my other bad habit and keeping the other sachet ‘for best’….

I know not of any scummy mummies, so don’t want to just tag anyone, but if anyone should want to be tagged, please speak up. Maybe we’ve all a bit of scummy mummy in us?