Exhibit A : The Breeders – Cannonball

Firstly, watch the video. You will see several small child funny things. A cannonball (“look mummy! A cannonball!!” – falls over laughing as it’s so funny). Kim Deal underwater singing or air bubbles coming from her mouth or blowing a whistle (“ooh mummy, the lady is good at putting her face underwater too like I do in swimming!”). Kim doing her “Wahooooooo-errrr” bits (“this is fun to dance to!”) and Josephine’s bouncy bassline (“LOOK MUMMY! I’m JUMPING!”). H is a fully paid up member of The Breeders fanclub, thanks to one song. Good job really as her mummy and daddy already are.

Exhibit B : Anything on Yo Gabba Gabba

Make a song, add all the YGG characters and a crazy backdrop and you’re onto a winner. As soon as H could talk in more than three words her favourite band was The Flaming Lips (thanks to ‘I Can Be a Frog’), she’d insist on watching the video several times in a row. We have not yet moved onto ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’ though it won’t be far off…

Exhibit C : See also Sesame Street

I’m not a Feist fan, but do like her ‘1-2-3-4’ on there. Our most favourite of all is Tilly and the Wall doing the ‘ABC’ song, complete with tapdancing (as that’s what they do) which would be on repeat even more than The Flaming Lips. There’s also a charming little song which counts up to twelve which we still often sing. There’s a faster lite-punked up one that goes up to twenty as well. Having chosen The Muppets over Sesame Street when I was of that age it’s a new world for me too.

I think this proves my point. I rest my case until something else comes along. That or it was just a lame excuse to mention The Breeders again.