Applications are open, we can now apply for what will be H’s first school from next September. We’re lucky in that we’re about 100 or so metres from our nearest infant school which is also a really nice one.

We spent some of the weekend putting together a map within Google Maps, as they work out distances as the crow flies, from door to door. Basically, if we don’t get the school we live so close to, then there’s no hope!

I suspect we will, and I’m not too worried. If not, then there’s always the appeals – but from what I’ve been told of this year (as in the ones who start today), everyone got their first choice – and they live further away than us.

Ahh my little H, welcome to the start of the rest of your life. Well, we’ll get the year in preschool out of the way first too of course… things will be so different for us all this time next year I’m sure.