Given that H is only 21 months old, sometimes it feels a bit premature to get myself worked up about schools… but then I think about it and get the fear she’d end up somewhere bad (that’s also around the time I think about dropping out of work and home schooling her). It’s not fun.

Sutton is popular, and where places are popular, you’re less likely to get what you want unless there’s some really good reason. You need to know where you’re going to live, and you need to be as close as possible – though that still isn’t a guarantee.

It’s such a headache.

Anyway, I’d had my heart set on a school which isn’t too far away, my rationale being that their website doesn’t have any Comic Sans on it, and it’s a good school in this area (I based where we got married on fonts and good websites, and that did us well). Imagine my horror last night when I was looking through the summer syllabus, and it’s in COMIC SANS. I feel somewhat disappointed.. at this rate I really will be homeschooling…