Wow, never have I felt such fear in the space of such a short time. Our first time applying for school for H. We knew results would be up at 5pm, and Shaun even left work early.

We got home from swimming at around 4.40 so knew there wasn’t too long to go before we’d know, H settled with some food in front of the tv (we decided on her Hello Kitty Easter Egg – healthy, I know) and I sat with the laptop on hitting refresh and getting more and more anxious.

5pm came, I hit refresh and nothing. The internet didn’t collapse. Nothing broke.

5.00.10 and I hit refresh again (I was eager) and there was the link “Application Outcome” – the click on the link can’t have lasted for more than a second and it felt like ten minutes. I was shaking, nervous, holding my breath waiting for the page to load and there it was.

We got our number one school. Relief. Shaking. Grinning. Telling H it really was going to be her school while she looked at me like I was mad, like she knew it was her school already, silly me. Tears in my eyes, relief. Silly mummy kind of relief. Sitting H on my knee so she knew, then frantically refreshing Facebook to find out which of our friends who’d applied had made it. So far we know one of H’s best friends is in, another friend from swimming and another friend we did Messy Play with, so that is wonderful – and more familiar names of children we’ve known – the future is slowly piecing together. It’s quite exciting.. for me anyway.

H is fast asleep probably thinking she starts school in the morning. She’s going to be disappointed. Not too much, but a little bit. She’s desperate to start school….

I’m going to sleep well tonight.