We went to Dramabuds, where we experienced (as far as I’m aware) H’s first telling of the story of Jesus – she got quite excited when there was a Mary and said “that’s MY name!” out loud (which is rare for her to do, she’s generally quite shy in classes), she’s definitely coming out of her shell in crowds a lot more than she used to.

We headed to Morden Hall Park later, where there’s two weekends of a Christmas Fair – mainly to meet Karen from Munchkin & Me – they do lovely chunky fingerprint jewellery – and to give Shaun some space to study, plus we needed more decorations for the Christmas Tree which is now part-decorated and probably just needs more tinsel. While we were there I ended up buying H a squeaky jumper (with ladybirds on!) which was so lovely, as well as various Christmas decorations – and we bumped into Rachel and Jesse and her mum, so that was nice too. We all headed for a coffee after shopping, H settled with hers (“what’s actually in her coffee?” asked Rachel, knowing I wouldn’t give her caffeine, but wondering what on earth it was – fluffy milk with chocolate powder, of course!)

One thing I really noticed today was how H is getting much better around strangers – I can hand her money to hand to people these days and she’s not shy about it like she used to be, and will thank them and say goodbye afterwards – which was unheard of even a month ago. She’ll even talk to people which is so nice – obviously stranger danger will soon make an appearance, but for now I’m enjoying the fact I can talk to people and she’s not hiding behind my legs.