We had another busy Saturday, and got to meet Hannah who blogs over at Caterpillar Tales at Dramabuds. H was amazingly well behaved (this could be due to stickers) and we had another good class, headed back home where I spelt her name in alphabetti spaghetti (I really must get some dried pasta alphabet shapes. Do they even exist?)

Our day started off well. I brought down my makeup, and H asked what it was. “it’s my makeup” I confirmed “Mummy has it to make her spots disappear” (H kindly pointed out the raised blood vessel on my nose at this point) “and stripes and flowers?” she asked. She’s not daft, that girl. (and obviously knows my taste in clothes)
We then spent the next ten or so minutes putting on makeup.
H did all this of her own accord. I particularly like her lipstick skills.

Then we headed out to our friends for a lovely sunny NCT meet, though minus Shaun for the first few hours as he was studying.

It was a lovely afternoon, and it was lovely to get some quality time to chat to my friends and cuddle their kids and watch all our kids interact the way they do now – no longer are they four or five separate entities playing alongside each other – they’re playing and chatting to each other. It’s lovely.

The obligatory lineup photo. H is easily the tallest in the group, definitely takes after her mummy and daddy there… She’s wearing a very excellent soft Pixie & Punk t-shirt which we got at The Baby Show, and looked after Rufus T. Bear really well too – he buttons into the pocket to keep safe. If H and J in the stripes swapped places they’d be in the order they were born. August to October… mad isn’t it?

Considering they all used to look like this.

Today I have a sore head, though it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Phew.